Yellow Springs
clear sky
humidity: 55%
wind: 3mph E
H 56 • L 55

Yarn Registry Section :: Page 5

  • BLOG— YS BBQ up close and personal

    “I was raised around barbeque. My father barbequed all the time. He gravitated towards food – he was a gourmet cook and he taught himself a lot of his skills. I grew up crawling underneath the seats in a restaurant that served barbeque.”

  • BLOG — A stand-up guy doing stand up comedy

    “I’ve done hundreds of stand up sets. I was probably on stage between one hundred and two hundred times per year. I was just living for it. You do comedy and there’s nothing else. I basically had an eight-year-long adventure.”

  • BLOG — Interview with a smoking octopus

    “I take off about one day a week. Other than that I enjoy being here. My fiancée and I run it together. When I’m away from it for too long, I feel weird. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

  • BLOG — 9000lbs of sprouts: interview with a bean sprout proprietor

    “Raising sprouts isn’t something I ever saw myself doing, but isn’t that how most people end up in life – not really doing what they thought they were going to do?”

  • BLOG — Vignettes from around town

    “Hoffman’s metal detector seemed to indicate something, and she set it down and crouched to get a closer look. She produced a small trowel and dug around a bit, flipping over a flap of grass.”