Yellow Springs
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wind: 3mph NW
H 56 • L 55

Yarn Registry Section :: Page 4

  • BLOG – Kafka – “reading Kafka will make you smarter”/monstrous exaggeration

    “The University of British Columbia and the University of California Santa Barbara did a study that showed the brain is more powerful after reading Kafka…Modern understandings are much more in line with the Kafka that his friends knew but even that treatment of his life can’t exist without some embellishment.”

  • BLOG – Kafka – evolving perceptions, and my personal history

    “I had no conception of his renown or the reverence he was accorded – I simply found that his ideas and his utterly inimitable style of writing meshed well with whatever was echoing in my own imagination…anyone that knew Kafka remembered that he was immensely kind and charming, and that he spoke in a ‘mellifluous baritone.'”

  • “My love of movement” – an exercise in conversation with a personal trainer

    Free yoga classes will be offered this summer, both indoors and outdoors at the Wellness Center at Antioch College.

    “I definitely experience the world kinesthetically. Some people are visual learns, some auditory; it’s very important for me to feel things on a physical level. It makes sense that I would gravitate to this type of work.”

  • BLOG — Superheroes of Yellow Springs – an interview with Jared of Super Fly Comics

    “It’s the best job I’ve ever had, hands down. We had [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator] Kevin Eastman here last year. He thanked us for having him come here to do signings. I’m like, oh man, this dude is thanking me for him having a career. I was like, I’m not going to cry in front of this guy. It meant a whole lot.”

  • BLOG — Book Round-up, part 2

    A good way to decompress after reading a particularly weighty or involved tome is to read a good detective novel, and my choice detective books are the novels of Jonathan Kellerman. What follows is an overview of one of Kellerman’s books, as well a bit about the annoying work that inspired me to take a break from needlessly pompous literature.

  • BLOG — Book round-up, part 1

    “McMafia offers a startling look at the rise of organized crime, specifically in relation to the fall of the USSR and the rise of globalization…Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science is an exhaustive scientific look at Sasquatch and what truths may be behind its purported existence…Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend is book one of a subtle, jarring, beautiful, and difficult series that chronicles a friendship in 1950s Naples.”

  • BLOG — Flushed: the Fire Hydrant Story

    “It seems like something is amiss when a hydrant is open because they are characters on the edge of the street, stolid chunks of metal that are part of a city’s impenetrable infrastructure..but opening hydrants is a routine part of city maintenance.”

  • BLOG — Getting real with real estate, part 1

    “The players in the game are the buyer, the seller, the buyer’s agent, the seller’s agent; you have the title company and the mortgage company, and you have all of those people working together and trying to sell a house. And you have me there as a transaction coordinator.”

  • BLOG — On travel, growing up, and Current Cuisine

    “A lot of my favorites are still on the menu, so it transports me back to my yesteryears. It gives me a warm feeling that this is home, and I like that. I know at some point [being in a small town] will catch up to me because I love big city living, but right now it’s perfect for me. There’s a lot of great harmonics and healing here.”

  • BLOG — The Citizen Kane of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

    “I felt like I was waiting for each scene to prove to me the movie’s unparalleled greatness…The play blends the voice of the author, the actor, and the play’s character into an odd reflection on authority.”