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Village road surfaces are being sealed

Villagers may have noticed a thin layer of oily substance and gravelly sand on some of the major streets in the village. This preventive maintenance is being performed to keep the asphalt pliable and greatly extend its life, according to a flier distributed by Pavement Technology, Inc. crews recently.

“The penetrating sealer…replaces oils that are dried from the pavement by the heat of manufacturing and the sun,”  the flier states. “The process seals and rejuvenates the pavement perparing it to again be weather resistant.”

The preventive maintenance costs approximately $5,000 per mile, compared to more extensive roadwork on poorly maintained surfaces, which can cost up to $20,000 per mile.

Work crews would like people to be aware of the following points:
• Drive slowly (5 MPH) when entering a freshly treated areas.
• Observe all signs and flaggers’ directions
• Keep children and pets away from treated areas.

• Gravel and sand cover will be swept away within two days of application.

• Rain will delay work, as surfaces must be dry.

Residents who live along streets being treated should be aware of the following points:
• Please remove parked cars between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
• Refrain from using lawn sprinklers, washing cars, etc., as the pavement must be dry.
• Material tracked onto drives will weather off in about three weeks.
• All drives will be accessible during treatment.

For special events, moving or garage sales, or any other questions, or for assistance, please call Pavement Technology at (800) 333-6309.

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