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Village Life
From the Yellow Springs News, 1966

From the Yellow Springs News, 1966

Bubbles and Beer

Well, the bubbles were then and the beer is now. Check out the bicycle on the far left of the ad, you can sit there now and order a beer at Peach’s on Xenia Ave.

The paper this week has a few old ads from shops in the 60’s and 70’s and a historical look at Dayton Street. Join the Hippie Heritage, 3-5 pm at the Corner Cone stage at the beginning of the 3rd annual Cirque tomorrow at Dayton and Corry Streets for storytelling and conversation around the late 60’s in the village.

A Yellow Springs Historical blog told by the villagers would be a great addition to the News’ website. Do you have a short story to tell? How about an old photo to share? Send it our way!  Scan or take a picture of it and post it on the Yellow Springs News Community ‘Fridge. Email short stories, with or without a photo, to smehalt@ysnews.com.


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Bubbles and Beer

by Suzanne Szempruch