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More Yellow Springs automobile break-ins

Several cars were broken into over the weekend and a local car was stolen Sunday night, according to Police Sergeant Naomi Penrod, who warned villagers to lock their cars and houses and remain vigilant. The break-ins took place in the area between Fairfield Pike and Dayton Street.

The stolen car was recovered in the village the same night it was stolen, according to Penrod, and all of the break-ins involved unlocked cars. Several items were stolen from the cars, Penrod said.

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One Response to “More Yellow Springs automobile break-ins”

  1. Johanna Smith says:

    Please be advised that there have been at least two attempted break ins in the Kingsfield area and that a car was stolen on Robinwood. Please make sure to lock your car, leave lights on when you go to bed and lock your house up tightly! If we work together, we can foil these thieves!

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