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Typographical error forces special meeting

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A typo in the bond and tax levy resolution approved by the Yellow Springs school board earlier this month forced the board to call a special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 23, to replace the incorrect resolution with the corrected version.

At error was the bond amount total the ballot measure is intended to raise. The district is seeking $12,688,963 for the renovation and replacement of the existing middle and high school facilities. The amount, to be raised through a 4.7-mill levy, is in conjunction with a 0.25 income tax request intended to raise an additional $381, 375 per year for 30 years.

The incorrect language listed the bond issue at $12,668,963, a difference of $20,000.

District Treasurer Dawn Bennett told the board that the discrepancy did not change the millage amount, but the difference made the district vulnerable to any legal challenge of the measure.

Board members voted in favor of the replacement, with newcomer Steve McQueen abstaining as he had earlier in the month. At the Jan. 11 board meeting, he said he felt uncomfortable voting when he had not been part of the deliberation process.

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Typographical error forces special meeting

by Carol Simmons