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Bulldog Sports Roundup

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YSHS honors winter athletes

Yellow Springs High School and McKinney School celebrated the success and hard work of their athletes at the winter sports awards ceremony last week on Thursday, Feb. 28. Members from the girls and boys basketball and swimming teams and the cheerleading squads were honored.

YSHS sports awards

For the YSHS boys basketball team, Kilan Brown, Andrew Ferguson and Andy Peters received third-year awards, while Raphael Allen, Joe Fugate, Ryan Newsome, Kevin Sikes-Gilbert and Ian Wimberly won second-year awards.

The team’s Bulldog awards went to first year player S.J. Scott, junior varsity team member Isaac Haller, and freshman team member Nerak Patterson. Other first years honored on Thursday were Erik Benton, Ron Cobb, Jake Diebold, Jeremiah Peacock, Ryan Phillips, Davonne Freeman and Colby Silvert. Junior varsity recognition went to Asa Casenheiser, DeAndre Ellington, Tyler Fox, Robert Harden, David Ingham, Chris Johnson, Davin Massie and Matt Rowe. Freshman team members Keida Johnson, Josh Meadows, Addison Pettiford, Tyler Qualls, Zeb Reichert and Carl Weiner were also recognized.

For the girls basketball team, third-year player Ashanta Robinson and second-year player Melodie Wright won the team’s Bulldog awards. Their teammates Kristen Foster and Jessica Kellar won third-year awards, and Alex Beer, Natasha Perry and Stephanie Scott won second- year awards. JV players Stephanie Broelingen, Amy DeBenedetto, Julia Ruf and Aiysha Walker were also recognized.

YSHS swimming team members senior Miriam Barcus and freshman Francesco Amighetti won the team’s Bulldog awards. Barcus also received the team’s only fourth-year award, while Claire Triplett received the only third-year award. Barbara Jewell, Jake Kintner, John Michael Malone and Zane Reichert received second-year awards; and first-year swimming awards went to Amighetti, Aprile Doubt, Danielle Doubt and Marlee Layh.

For the cheerleading squad, first-year participants Maiya Thornton-Hodge and Allie Moran won the team’s Bulldog awards. Danielle Fulton won a third- year award, and Leslie Holland received a second-year award. First-year honors went to Belle-Pilar Fleming, Elan Orr, Shakia Porter, Rachel Biggs, Danielle Franklin. And JV honors went to Kaya Cross, Taylor Ennis, Malaika Halley and Amber Singleton.

McKinney sports awards

The eighth grade boys basketball team Bulldog award went to Ameer Wagner, while general recognition went to team members Cole Edwards, Jacob Fugate, Marquis Greene, Wade Huston, Austin Pence, Nate Reed, John Shaw, Elgin Singleton, Brian Smith, Jacob Trumbull and Antone Truss.

For the eighth grade girls basketball team, Robbie Weigand won the Bulldog award. Her teammates Roniqua Cobb, Paige Evans, Hana Katz-Stein, Kelly Hamilton-Triplett and Katie Triplett were also honored.

Traven Halley won the Bulldog award for the seventh-grade boys basketball team. General recognition went to team members Murphy Davidson, Taylor Ford, Jacob Hardman, Michael Keller, Tyler Kimball, Levi Perry, Gabe Rehm and Kane Willis.

Maryah Martin won the Bulldog award for the seventh-grade girls basketball team, while general awards went to Adrianne Beer, Lucy Callahan, Acala Cresci, Keturah Fulton, Maya Hardman, Rebecca Kleinen, Lois Miller, Emma Peifer, Ali Solomon and Paloma Wiggins.

For the McKinney cheerleading squad, Roniqua Cobb, Kelsey Fox, Hana Datz-Stein, Kaitlynn McCan and Colten Pitstick were honored.

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