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“Mobile” edition old news

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In response to the demands of a changing demographic of younger readers used to getting their news on the fly, the Yellow Springs News pointed out Thursday that its product has been “mobile,” since 1880.

“That’s a full century and some change” before anyone else even thought to label their product that way, said Mite Mindless, News designer, IT person and towel roll manager.

“Can you read the News while you walk? Sure. Do you take it with you to lunch, or maybe the bathroom? Of course. It’s highly mobile,” said Mindless.

He then demonstrated a method for data compression that facilitates even greater mobility by folding the News into quarters. “You can leave this folded for weeks, and then when you open it, all the information is there,” said Mindless.

When it comes to environmental concerns, the News may even be a bit ahead of the curve, Mindless pointed out. “You can’t just throw out your cellphones, but you can mulch a garden with the News. Do you know how long it takes a Blackberry to decompose?”

Readers can gain access to the News mobile edition by wireless delivery via their postal carrier, or pick it up around town in the many “hot spots.”

“And they’re all web pages” said Mindless. “Web offset, 27 inches, nice and wide.”

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