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Bruce Parker carefully cultivated this original species of orange, red and blue Whimsical Recycled Kinetic art. (photo by Lauren Heaton)

Building expression

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When the colors of spring came bursting out of their buds last month, Yellow Springs contractor Bruce Parker got inspired to grow some color of his own on the sawed off beast of a honeysuckle bush on West Davis Street. He spray painted recycled fans and drilled them into the stumpy branches, dressed with some leftover corrugated drain tile for textured stems. On a very windy Saturday, the petaled wheels of his Whimsical Recycled Kinetic Art were spinning in ways other flowers just don’t do.


3 Responses to “Building expression”

  1. Yvonne Wingard says:

    This is my favorite type of recycling–wish I had his vision and talent–BRAVO!!!

  2. Susan Gartner says:

    Love how the photo captures the motion of the sculpture. Sweet picture!

  3. Corrine Bayraktaroglu says:


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