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2010 National Honor Society members

This 2010 Yellow Springs High School National Honor Society Inductees are, from left, front row: Nichole Fulton, Kelsey Cundiff, Megan Hammond, Louisa Rich, Hannah Kumbusky, Aprile Doubt, Tiffany Wilson, Lizzy Gonder; second row, Sadie Rehm, Quinn Leventhal, Barbara Jewell, Jake Kintner, Kelly Miller, Mitchell Brickson; third row, Lauren Westendorf, Nicky Sontag, Shelley Murphy and Adam Zaremsky. Not pictured are Lucas Donnell, Megan Miller and Philip Kellog.

YSHS students recognized for achievements

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As is the tradition in May of every year, Yellow Springs High School recognized many of its students, especially its seniors, at the annual National Honor Society scholarship awards ceremony. Held on Wednesday, May 19, the chief bestower of honors was himself recognized for his 30 years of service in almost every leadership capacity at YSHS and McKinney School.

Principal John Gudgel, who is retiring this year, gave the keynote address at the ceremony. 
The school recognized first the senior class valedictorian John Michael Malone and the salutatorian Dylan Amlin. Amlin was also recognized as a National Merit Finalist, along with National Achievement Finalist Birch Robinson-Hubbuch and National Achievement Outstanding Participant Alexis Onfroy.

The school also announced its local scholarship award winners at Wednesday’s ceremony. At the top of the list, the $10,000 YSI scholarship went to Colby Silvert. The Bulldog Scholarship went to Christopher Dorn, the Metro Buckeye Conference award went to Ryan Phillips, and the Yellow Springs Endowment for Education Scholarship went to Reini Brickson. The Shirley Mullins Endowment Fund awards of $350 went to Michael Finster, Robbie Marion and R.C. Worrell, while the smaller Mullins Endowment awards of $150 went to AJ Wagner and Daniel Collett. The Yellow Springs Arts Council first place scholarship of $300 went to Colby Silvert, and the two second place awards of $150 went to Nancy Epling and Stefany Lewis.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows with the Friendship Rebekah Lodge gave scholarships/stipends of $750 to Salome Garcia, Christopher Dorn and Birch Robinson-Hubbuch. The Odd Fellows awards for $250 went to Megan Miller, Alexis Onfroy and Belle-Pilar Fleming.
Other local and memorial gifts awarded were the Martha Cadow scholarship that went to Ryan Phillips, and the Mary Jane Bachtell award, given to senior Shirlisa Scott and junior Kelsey Cundiff. The JohnMcConville Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 went to Nancy Epling. The Howard Kahoe/Dud Scott Memorial scholarship of $500 went to Christopher Dorn. Two James A. McKee Scholarships went to Matthew Rowe and Shirlisa Scott, the Bent scholarship for $2,000 went to Salome Garcia, and the Foos Scholarship of $3,600 went to John Michael Malone.

The school also announced its regional scholarship award winners. The American Association of University Women scholarship of $200 was awarded to Marlee Layh, and the Greene County youth activity fund award went to Shelley Murphy. The GEM scholarships of $1,000 each went to Shirlisa Scott and Birch Robinson-Hubbuch.

The seniors earning honors diplomas are Dylan Amlin, Lucas Donnell, Belle-Pilar Fleming, Barbara Jewell, Jacob Kintner, Marlee Layh, John Michael Malone, Megan Miller, Shelley Murphy, Alexis Onfroy, Birch Robinson-Hubbuch and Maiya Thornton-Hodge.

The new inductees to the National Honor Society are seniors Lucas Donnell, Barbara Jewell, Jacob Kintner and Shelley Murphy. The junior inductees are Mitchell Brickson, Kelsey Cundiff, Aprile Doubt, Nichole Fulton, Elizabeth Gonder, Megan Hammond, Philip Kellogg, Hannah Kumbusky, Quinn Leventhal, Kelly Miller, Sarah Rehm, Louisa Rich, Nicolas Sontag, LaurenWestendorf, Tiffany Wilson and Adam Zaremsky. The current active National Honor Society members are Belle-Pilar Fleming, Marlee Layh and John Michael Malone.


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