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Jennifer Horner has opened Eden World, a Xenia Avenue business that provides a place to relax, create art and get a massage. (photo by Megan Bachman)

Eden World offers escape, serenity

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Visitors and residents alike can walk right off the street into an oasis of health and rejuvenation at Eden World Center for Wellness and Discovery at 253 Xenia Avenue.

The roster of practitioners, who serve both scheduled and walk-in clients, includes a licensed massage therapist, a reflexologist and two astrologers.

Eden World was opened in April 2010 by Jennifer Horner, who believes in exposing the public to alternative healing.

“I wanted to have wellness services more easily accessible — and in a non-threatening way,” said Horner, who also runs the women’s overnight retreat, Creative Explorations, above Eden World. “I offer a variety of services so people can experience these complementary health strategies.”

Eden World consists of three entities. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by what Horner calls “serenity space,” which features running water, soothing music and a finger labyrinth to relax visitors.

“It’s just quieter, calmer and more settled here,” Horner said.

Next comes “creativity corner,” an area with art materials such as watercolors, pastels and stamps with which patrons can express themselves for $5 per sheet of paper.

Finally, “relaxation station” offers a variety of tools and services for wellness and recovery. Besides the always-popular chair and table massage, visitors can detoxify in a far-infrared personal sauna, stimulate their feet with a long-wave electromagnetic device, heal their skin with a hot paraffin hand-dip, relax on a bed of amethysts, or walk meditatively across a cobblestone mat.

“We’re not here to replace traditional medicine,” she added. “It’s a place to come in and de-stress. Relaxation is the foundation for well-being.”

Astrology readings that are comprehensive rather than overly esoteric and personal massage products are also available at the store.

The historic building, built in the late 1800s, was purchased by Horner and her husband, Charles Sides, in 2005. The couple also owns a health food store in Lancaster, Penn.

After renovating the upstairs apartment, Horner opened Creative Explorations there in 2007. This “sacred space lodging,” as Horner calls it, can serve as a self-guided or facilitated retreat for women and costs $95 per night for a single or $75 per person for two or more women.

“Being so enamored with Yellow Springs, I wanted to create this retreat to share the wealth and bring other women to town to have their own unique Yellow Springs experience,” she said.

Horner created Eden World this year to offer her retreat guests wellness services and to maintain a cohesive and tranquil building ambiance.

“Everyone who finds their way here finds it so peaceful,” Horner said.

Eden World caters to individuals and groups. For more information, contact Horner at .


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