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BLOG–Misoshiru a September comfort

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When the skies turn a steely grey and the wind starts to howl, I reach for fleece socks and the box of miso at the back of the fridge. Misoshiru is one of the easiest soups to make, and one which Kaki used to serve in winter with seared salmon, sesame spinach, barley rice and mugicha (barley tea). When she lit the stove, I would rush to set the table with the plum painted bowls. By the time I poured the tea, the meal would be served, as though the food would feel bad if the dishes sat empty too long.

Partly that was due to the ease of making miso soup.

Start with a saucepan of about 5 C of water and simmer on very low with 1 piece kombu kelp and 1/2 C iriko (dried sardines with stomachs removed) or 2 pkgs of katsuobushi (bonito shavings), for about five minutes. Strain broth. (You can use low-salt chicken broth, but it’s not as good.)

Next add 1 C+ chopped nappa cabbage and simmer two minutes. Then add about 1/4 C brown rice mellow miso, or to taste. Stir and add half a block of firm tofu, 2 T dried wakame seaweed, 1-2 T mirin (sweet cooking wine) and chopped scallions if desired.

There are some wonderful things about winter.



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