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Artist Michael Casselli in his studio at Millworks. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

Casselli’s contemporary artwork opens at Emporium

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From his 5,000-square-foot studio in Millworks, Michael Casselli creates artwork that sparks and fizzes, blurs boundaries and engages all senses. His contemporary and experimental artwork can now be seen in new exhibit at the Emporium Cafe and an electric installation along the bike path.

Casselli’s Works on Paper is on display at the Emporium until Sept. 30 and his public art electric sculpture broke ground last week. The Emporium show is Casselli’s first foray into two-dimensional work since he was an Antioch undergraduate in the late 1980s. The seven larger-than-life images of partial young faces printed on handmade wax paper are highly textured and abstracted to make a statement about memory, Casselli said.

“The images are there but not there,” he explained. “It’s the tangible-intangible quality of memory and how it physically manifests.”

Casselli’s other new work in town is three-dimensional public art and is intended to create the illusion of danger.

Casselli is also a member of the executive collective of the Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs, a co-curator of the new Glen House Inn, and the founder of a new fine art printing business, through which he has been helping to energize the local art conversation and nurture more contemporary work in town.

See the Sept. 1 issue of the News for the full story.

Visit for more information on his work.


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