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Jalyn and Steven Roe of The Jael Group are sponsoring a forum on inclusion in the workplace on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Diversity workshop coming soon

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The Inclusion Roundtable Forum on Raising Cultural Intelligence, a workshop on reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce, has been re-scheduled to Wednesday, Nov. 30. The event had originally been scheduled for Nov. 9 but had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, according to workshop leader Jalyn Roe of The Jael Group, local consultants for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The event will take place at the Livermore Street home of the organizers, Jalyn and Steven Roe of The Jael Group, who have worked as business diversity consultants for 35 years.  Those interested in taking part should contact the Roes at 937-319-6032 or online at thejaelgroup@gmail.com.

The Nov. 30 event is aimed at “those who are 21st-century thinkers and recognize the future success of their companies depends in part on tapping into the creativity and unique perspective of an inclusive workforce,” according to a press release.

While more companies are hiring diverse workforces, most businesses still do not know how to take advantage of the richness of perspectives that diversity offers, the Roes believe. The workshop is aimed at helping people overcome barriers posed by cultural differences, and then learn to reap the benefits of diversity to help their company’s bottom line.

“This is an opportunity for those innovative thinkers to get the tools they need to take the next step,” Steven Roe said.

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