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Meg Gujer of S and G Artisan Distillery in the new company's Millworks space. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

The Spirits of Yellow Springs

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While sipping some authentic German pear schnapps during Christmas 2009, Meg and Steven Gujer of Sugar Creek Township had the idea to start a local craft distillery that made schnapps the traditional way. By the next December, the Gujers and Hajo Scheuner, who had brought them the schnapps from Germany, had rented a space in Millworks in Yellow Springs. This holiday, they are celebrating their recent final permit approval from the state to distill handmade liquor.

“We are just so grateful that the community has welcomed us with open arms,” said Meg Gujer last week from the company’s 1,000-square-foot space.Production will begin soon and products could be available as early as this spring.

The Spirits of Yellow Springs line will include pear, peach and berry schnapps made in the traditional style, that is, using real fruit. While many American schnapps are made by flavoring neutral spirits, S&G will process, pulp and ferment the fruit directly, turning its sugars into alcohol, which will then be distilled and aged in oak so the flavors mellow and marry.

Read the Dec. 15 issue of the News for the full story.


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