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Election results—Neuhardt wins primary

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Correction: The News incorrectly reported that Connie Crockett won her bid for a seat on the Democratic State Central Committee in Tuesday’s election. While Crockett was the highest vote-getter in Greene County, she did not win the overall race, which also included Clark and Madison Counties.

While in Ohio overall, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney barely won a majority of votes on Super Tuesday, in Greene County he had a better showing against Rick Santorum. And Yellow Springs residents did well on the big day, with Sharen Neuhardt winning the Democratic Congressional primary race against five contenders. While Connie Crockett was the highest vote-getter in Greene County, she did not win the overall race, which also included Clark and Madison Counties.


Yellow Springs votes by precinct are available here.

In the Ohio Republican presidential primary, Romney squeaked by Santorum, winning 452,575 votes to Santorum’s 440,472. But in comparison more Greene County voters went with Romney, who won 10,976 votes, or 39 percent, with Rick Santorum coming in second with 8,881 votes, or 31 percent. Newt Gingrich won 5,457 votes, or 19 percent, while Ron Paul gained 2,337, or 8 percent. Both Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman, who have dropped out, had small numbers of votes.

Overall, the turnout in Greene County was low, with 31 percent of voters going to the polls on Tuesday. Democrats, especially, stayed home from the polls, since there was no presidential primary race. In Greene County, 5,747 Democrats cast a vote for President Barack Obama, and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, who was also unopposed, gained 5,892 votes.

While only 5,440 Democratic votes were cast in Greene County for the race for U.S. Representative, 10th District, Sharen Neuhardt of Yellow Springs had a wide lead, with 2,170 votes, or about 40 percent, compared to closest contender Olivia Freeman, who had about 23 percent of the votes. Next was David Esrati, with about 11 percent, Tom McMasters with just slightly less, then Ryan Steele and Mack Van Allen coming in last, with 7 percent of the vote.

For the Republican candidate for U.S. Representative, former Dayton mayor and incumbent Mike Turner coasted easily to victory in Greene County, winning 76 percent of the vote, with his closest rival, John Anderson, winning 21 percent.

Yellow Springer Connie Crockett was the highest vote getter in Greene County, with 2,711 votes, or about 55 percent, in Greene County. Her opponent, Nora Parker, gained 2,252 votes, or 45 percent. However, Crockett lost the race for a seat on the Democratic State Central Committee.

For the Republican contender for U.S. Senate seat, incumbent Josh Mandel was the state’s top choice, garnering 575,150 votes to Michael Price’s 129,404, well ahead of David Dodt and Eric LaMont Gregory. The sentiment was echoed in Greene County, where Mandel gathered up nearly 60 percent of the vote with 12,360, while the other candidates split the remainder.

For the Democratic state supreme court contender to face Republic candidate Robert Price in November, Ohio’s Democrats held up William O’Neill as their top choice, shuffling 343,877 votes his way, to Fanon Rucker’s 138,216. In Greene County, the choice was similar with O’Neill garnering 3,562 votes, to Rucker’s 1,401 votes.

Longtime politician Rick Perales was the clear favorite to be the Republican vying for the 73rd district’s representative seat this year. Perales won nearly 60 percent of the vote with 10,540 votes, well ahead of both Jarrod Martin and Eric Spicer. For the Democrats in that race, Bill Conner edged out Linda Borgert with 1,956 votes district wide, to Borgert’s 1,928.

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One Response to “Election results—Neuhardt wins primary”

  1. Connie Crockett says:

    Please note that I did not win this election and therefore lost my seat on the State Central Committee. The district covers Clark, Greene and Madison counties. I won in Greene and Madison, but lost in Clark, which had the highest turnout. Nora Parker of Clark County won the seat. Thanks! Connie Crockett

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