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Republican presidential primary results by precinct

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Correction: The News incorrectly reported that Connie Crockett won her bid for a seat on the Democratic State Central Committee in Tuesday’s election. While Crockett was the highest vote-getter in Greene County, she did not win the overall race, which also included Clark and Madison Counties.

Below are the precinct counts of Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary election, according to initial precinct counts from the Greene County Board of Elections. Candidate Rick Santorum made a strong showing among Republicans in the village and especially in Miami Township, garnering 150 votes. Second was Mitt Romney with 104 votes, then Newt Gingrich with 71. Ron Paul came in fourth in the village and township with 38 votes. In all, 159 villagers voted in the Republican primary, while 204 Miami Township Republicans voted in the race.

Precinct 440 covers the north side of town, while 441 includes most of the western part of the village. Precinct 442 is the historic downtown area, while Precinct 443 is the south part of Yellow Springs. In Precinct 440, 43 Republicans voted; in Precinct 441, 22; in Precinct 442, 21 Republicans voted and in Precinct 442, 63 Republicans took part in the presidential primary election.

Miami Township precincts are 455 and 456, with 455 covering the eastern portion of Miami Township, including residences east of Grinnell Road and Bryan Park Road, and 456 covering the western section of the township.

The results for the Republican presidential primary are as follows:

Precinct 440: Gingrich, 11; Paul, 4; Romney, 9; Santorum, 19;
Precinct 441: Gingrich, 9; Paul, 6; Romney, 10; Santorum, 7;
Precinct 442: Gingrich, 2; Huntsman, 3; Paul, 2; Romney, 5; Santorum, 9;
Precinct 443: Gingrich, 9; Paul, 10; Romney, 26; and Santorum, 18;
Precinct 455: Gingrich, 25; Paul, 11; Romney, 28; Santorum, 67;
Precinct 456: Gingrich, 15; Huntsman, 1; Paul, 4; Romney, 26; Santorum, 30.

2012 primary election results are available here


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