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Michael Finster helps Mary Hyde and Dr. David Hyde with their Christmas Tree

School Forest

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Starting in 1920, Yellow Springs residents began venturing into the Glen to cut their own Christmas trees from a recent stock of pines that the State Forestry Dpt. had planted. The Director of the Glen, in an attempt to mediate the situation, decided the High School could start its own tree cutting service while the Glen maintained the pine trees it had. The School Forest organization was born in 1947 and has been with us ever since.

John Day is the current adviser for the organization and has been for seventeen years. He took the position in an attempt to inspire students to be enthusiastic about the outdoors. All members of the organization are responsible for planting and caring for the pine trees. When the Christmas season arrives, students help customers cut down a tree of their choice.

It’s rare for any school to have an organization with such long term goals and activities. The trees take years to grow, and unless the group does its job, there are none to cut for Christmas. This constant need for creative work and effort promises an endlessly stimulating and fulfilling experience for the students. I think it’s safe to say that any student could benefit from a genuine investment of time and commitment into something that benefits the individual and the community.

(All photos taken during the 2010 School Forest Festival)




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