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(Photo by Joe Ayres)

Last month, Mills Lawn fifth graders added peace-themed graffiti to vehicular canvases, donated by villagers Joe Ayres and Karla Horvath. (Photo by Joe Ayres)

Mills Lawn students graffiti for peace

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If you spot a couple of rainbow-laden vehicles around the village this year, you’ve got Mills Lawn fifth graders and villagers Joe Ayres and Karla Horvath to thank. In May, older students at Mills Lawn gathered to paint colorful pictures and messages of peace on Horvath’s van and Ayres’ station wagon as part of the school’s Project Peace campaign. Mills Lawn students have been in the habit of adding youthful graffiti to the station wagon for the last decade; it was previously owned by former Mills Lawn parent Laura Ellison, who first donated the car’s body as a canvas. When Joe Ayres acquired the car a few years ago, he continued the tradition. Check out the students at work in the gallery of photos, taken and submitted by Ayres, below. For more photos, visit the Project Peace website.




2 Responses to “Mills Lawn students graffiti for peace”

  1. Les Groby says:

    You need to broaden your information diet, Dan Plecha. Big media draw audiences with stories that disturb and frighten, and political partisans raise funds and recruit members by putting awful images in front of us and warning us that we need them to save us, but the reality is that the world is getting less violent and more peaceful, at both the personal and national levels, and that progress has been going on for a long time. Here’s a piece about that with links to hopeful truth:

  2. Dan Plecha says:

    The early results aren’t looking real good.

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