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Lauren Shows was born to a preacher and a preacher's wife, and spent the majority of her earliest childhood years rollin' 'round the bible belt, to end up in Panama City, Florida. After graduating from Florida State University in Tallahassee, she spent the next several months in existential crisis, making lattes for snowbirds and spring-breakers, before moving to Kentucky to get an MFA in writing from Spalding University. A chance meeting at Spalding landed her in Yellow Springs. She was graciously hired by the News, though her only previous dealing with newspaper publication was in third grade, when she wrote a story about a bunch of skeletons rising from the dead on Halloween, which was printed in the Owenton News-Herald. Lauren enjoys cheese, giant squid, and Michael J. Fox.

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  • Locals protest firing at Antioch College’s Wellness Center

    The community push for mediation between former Wellness Center employee Guy “Tron” Banks and Antioch College continued Friday, April 5, when several dozen local residents held a demonstration on college grounds.

  • Porchfest on hold, for now

    PorchFest, a musical round-robin affair, had villagers and visitors walking to porches, driveways and backyards to hear a wide array of local musicians perform. (Photo by Matthew Collins)

    Beloved local music festival Porchfest is likely on hiatus, according to the event’s organizers — though they hope it’s a temporary one.

  • Storytellers to headline Antioch School Scholarship Gala

    The Antioch School Scholarship Gala returns Saturday, April 20, beginning at 7 p.m. in the Foundry Theater at Antioch College. Headlining this year’s event are Sam Bartlett and Omopé Carter Daboiku, each of whom will bring their distinctive brands of storytelling to the Foundry stage.

  • School board discusses Mills Lawn greenspace preservation

    At the regular school board meeting Thursday, March 14, local advocacy group Citizens to Preserve Mills Lawn Greenspace brought forward a potential plan to place a conservation easement on a portion of land on which Mills Lawn Elementary School is located.

  • Severe weather forecast for Miami Valley area

    The Village of Yellow Springs announced this afternoon that severe weather is likely headed toward the village this afternoon and evening.

  • Miami Township Trustees | Fiscal Officer Margaret Silliman signs off

    After serving for 24 years in the position, Silliman retired this month; her successor, Jeanna GunderKline, who was elected last fall, will take over as fiscal officer beginning in April.

  • Farewell to a kiln, and its master

    With paper cranes folded by his children nestled as tinder among a stack of wood, on Friday, March 15, Brad Husk struck a flame and set the paper wings alight.

  • School board to hire contractor to investigate alleged policy violations

    The YS school board returned to discussion of the censure of a board member at its most recent regular meeting Thursday, March 14. Though a resolution to authorize the proposed censure was on the agenda for the evening, it was not voted on.

  • Miami Township Board of Trustees | Tax rate reduced, grants pursued

    Greene County Auditor David Graham explained that local millage rates for a 2.4-mill levy passed in 2017 to fund the construction of the current fire station have been reduced over the last two years.

  • Miami Township Board of Trustees | Feb. 21 Meeting

    The Miami Township Board of Trustees held its second regular meeting of the month Wednesday, Feb. 21.

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