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Miami Township

Two female hikers in Glen Helen were struck by a large falling limb on Tuesday afternoon, July 18, while the women were climbing the stone steps out of the Glen. They were assisted by the Miami Township Fire Rescue squad, Yellow Springs police and Antioch College Security, and taken to Greene Memorial Hospital..

Glen hikers rescued after limb falls

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Two female hikers, a counselor and a camper from the Outdoor Education Center, were assisted by the Miami Township Fire Rescue squad at around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 18, when a 10-foot tree limb fell on them as they were climbing the stone steps out of Glen Helen.

“They were in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Miami Township Chief Colin Altman said in a Tuesday interview. “It was a freak of nature.”

Altman said he assumed the tree limb was dead and had randomly fallen on the hikers, who were with a larger group from the Outdoor Ed Center. A fellow hiker called the squad, who responded within minutes.

The counselor was able to walk out of the Glen on her own, with the assistance of squad members, but the camper, who is from the Springfield area, needed to be lifted in a metal basket and carried up the stairs, according to Altman. The younger woman suffered a possible broken ankle and the older woman had cuts and bruises. They were taken to Greene Memorial Hospital.

Along with the squad, the Yellow Springs Police Department and Antioch College Security responded to the situation.


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