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  • Public Meetings


  • Proposed Charter Amendment, Mayor Term — 2020 Primary Election

    Official Questions and Issues Ballot — March 17, 2020 Primary Election

  • Toshiko Asakawa

    Toshiko Asakawa died Wednesday, March 4. She was 100.

  • Spring forward — a little history on Daylight Saving Time

    Most of the continental United States will spend a bleary-eyed morning this coming Sunday, March 8, as Daylight Saving Time returns, requiring all villagers to set their clocks one hour ahead — and potentially get to bed an hour earlier — on Saturday night. But who to thank — or blame — for the annual time change?

  • Free speech and the library

    A local group organizing against Issue 12 — the sales tax levy to fund the construction of a new jail for Greene County — was turned away from Yellow Springs Community Library’s meeting room last week.

  • Free HIV testing March 4

    Free HIV testing, provided by Equitas Health, will be offered Wednesday, March 4, on the Antioch College campus.