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Articles From August 30th, 2019

  • Patrick Butcher

    Patrick M. “Pat Butch” Butcher, of Fairborn, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on Friday, June 26.  He was 59.

  • Arbra D. Dorsey

    Arbra D. Dorsey passed away Dec. 22, 2019. He was 67.

  • Yellow Springs Board of Education • Regular Meeting

    Yellow Springs Board of Education • Regular Meeting

  • Public Meetings


  • Village Council Regular Meeting

    Virtual Meeting • Monday, July 6 , 2020 at 7 p.m.

  • New police reforms aired

    Body cameras worn by every Ohio police officer. Psychological evaluations of those who hope to become an officer. More training in implicit bias and de-escalation. Requiring officers to report on another officer’s misconduct. Those are a few proposed law enforcement reforms Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced at a press briefing last week in response to national outrage after high-profile killings of Black people by police in recent weeks.

  • Prosecutor: evidence supports self defense in Grinnell Road double fatal shooting

    The Greene County Grand Jury’s recent conclusion concerning the double fatal shooting Feb 12 outside a home on Grinnell Road — which the county sheriff described at the time as a “shootout” — confirmed the initial impression of law enforcement at the scene that gray winter morning: self-defense.

  • Road rave

    While this year’s Pride scheduling was markedly different than year’s past, the fanfare and the spirit of the celebration were still in dazzling display.