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  • The Briar Patch | Love thy neighbor

    “I guess I took it for granted that both Richardsons would always be around. They greeted me when I arrived home for the first time wearing that yellow outfit.”

  • Miami Township Trustees propose zoning code changes

    The request from the Zoning Commission concerns the removal of sections 18.51 and 18.52 from the Zoning Resolution. The sections in question, which can be read in full at, concern temporary structures and property uses.

  • Village Council adopts privacy, net neutrality policy

    At Village Council’s regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 15, Council members unanimously approved a use policy for the village’s municipal broadband utility services. The policy enshrines the privacy of the village residents who opt into the new Wi-Fi service.

  • My Name Is Iden | The wisdom of the weeds

    My Name is Iden

    “Humans are strange. Is there a creature that craves novelty more than a human? Or one more fearful of change? Is there another animal as fundamentally paradoxical as a human?”

  • Astrology resurgence— Aquarius, herbalism and Pluto

    Yellow Springs has always been a community that welcomes different faiths, philosophies and spiritual centering, and has usually been more accepting of alternative beliefs. This bears out when it comes to astrology.

  • Down to Earth | Drawing pleasure in gardening

    “He was a great painter, Monet, but he actually thought of himself as a gardener first and a painter second. Late in life, eyes failing and tired of traveling, he asked his village for permission to divert a small river onto his land.”

  • Brahler sells Veganry restaurant

    While many villagers who enjoyed the Veganry’s menu options may be disappointed by the announcement, Jayne Brahler is hoping that the community will embrace the site’s new owners, villagers Angie Hsu, Matan Mazursky and Kumar Jensen

  • MTFR employs app to help lost hikers

    The what3words app will be used by MTFR staff to locate lost hikers in John Bryan and Glen Helen. When a person becomes lost, rather than relying on descriptions of surroundings to alert rescue personnel to their location, they can use the app to pinpoint their location via GPS coordinates.

  • Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

    Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

  • Board of Education Work Session

    Board of Education Work Session

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