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In the winter of 1963, villagers wrapped in their warmest garb gathered downtown on Short Street to visit the man in red himself, who patiently listened to holiday wishes and handed out candy canes. (YS News archives)

News from the Past: November & December 2022

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75 years ago — 1947

Donkey basketball at 8 p.m. tonight. “Arrangements, including standby ambulance service for the participants, seemed complete for the donkey basketball game tonight [in Bryan High School gym] as the News went to press.”

War orphans “adopted” by college groups. “Two groups of Antioch College men, the American Veterans Committee and Marshall Hall, men’s dormitory, have become parents by proxy of European youths made homeless by the war.  … [T]he local men ‘adopted’ the children by paying a monthly sum for their support [and] corresponding directly with the child.”

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Dog catcher issues warning to owners. “County Dog Catcher Venie Matthews was in Yellow Springs Tuesday and issued a warning to all dog owners to keep them shut up or chained between sunset and sunrise. Mr. Matthews said that 41 sheep, 12 turkeys and 13 chickens have been reported killed by dogs in Greene County in the last two weeks.”

50 years ago — 1972

Editorial: “We favor McGovern.” “To sum up, we believe the present [Nixon] Administration to favor the monied man over the poor, the white man over the black, to lack credibility, to have no real interest in creating Peace in the world if it removes too much profit from the rich, and, worst of all, to be utterly insensitive to its biases.” — Kieth Howard, editor.

Local cave explorers gain national headlines. “Yellow Springs cave explorer has important roles in an 18 year program of cave exploration that made headlines coast-to-coast Friday. Dick Zopf, 21, was one of a party of six which first went through a passage (on Sept. 9–10) from the world’s longest known cave system — the Flint Ridge — to the third longest — that of Mammoth cave.

School Forest success. “High school students sold about 400 trees and grossed about $2,000 for School Forest maintenance and other student activities.”

Harner found, $11,000 missing. “Philip Harner, who was assistant vice president of Miami Deposit Bank when he disappeared mysteriously April 17, has been found, the News learned this morning. Mr. Harner was arrested by an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Greyhound bus station in Dayton yesterday morning.

Derailed. “Weekly train went off the track at the Dayton St. crossing Saturday afternoon Dec. 16 and tied up the street for several hours.

35 years ago — 1987

For rent classified. “TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENT, large kitchen, $335 per month, plus utilities.

After long decline— Enrollment trend upward at Antioch. “In the Fall of 1987, Antioch’s entering class numbered 178 students — an increase of 21 percent over `86.”

More housing needed to meet growth goals. “Though far more new housing is being built in Yellow Springs than in any time during the past 15 years, prospects for village population growth are putting increasing pressure on available houses, Village Council was told Monday night by its consultant on growth. Yellow Springs population in the last three years has increased by an estimated 114 persons, from about 4,200 to about 4,314.”

BOYS picks new name: Chamber of Commerce. The Business Organization of Yellow Springs has changed its name. Now it’s the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Villagers protesting Christmas war toys sales. “Several Yellow Springs residents protesting the Christmas sales of war toys have continued their demonstrations at area shopping malls and major stores, despite opposition from store owners and, in one instance, the police.”

10 years ago — 2012

Pettiford new police chief. “When village resident Tony Pettiford takes over as Yellow Springs police chief on Nov. 19, he will bring a deep knowledge of the community he has called home for 51 years.”

Antioch University Midwest— Budget darkens union talk. “This month Midwest leaders told the school community that they planned to cut $208,000 in personnel costs by the end of the year … to stem a rising deficit caused by low enrollment over the last several years.”

WYSO, college are reunited. Antioch College will get back its longtime local radio station WYSO as part of a tentative agreement approved this week with Antioch University, which had retained control of the FM station when the College was purchased by alumni in 2009.

Norah’s no longer open, for now. Villager Norah Byrnes voluntarily stopped serving her weekly breakfast buffets out of her Walnut Street home following complaints pertaining to food safety and possible breaches of zoning laws.

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