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Sister Trillium, a local organization that collects and repurposes used art and craft supplies, will soon move into the group’s first brick-and-mortar location at 108 Dayton St. — the downtown space that previously housed the YS Community Foundation. Pictured above are Sister Trillium members Zoey Bryant, Holly Weir and Marie Hertzler. (Photo by Truth Garrett)

Sister Trillium makes moves

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A local creative group is preparing to take its next step into trailblazing a unique path to sustainability and artistic expression.

Sister Trillium, which previously operated out of the YS Farmers Market, will roll out its one-of-a-kind creative reuse center model — collecting unused art and craft supplies and selling them at a discounted rate — in a new-to-them brick-and-mortar space on the corner of Dayton Street formerly occupied by the YS Community Foundation.

“We’re excited to announce that we have secured a physical space for our store,” Zoey Bryant, a member of the Sister Trillium team, told the News in a recent interview. “We’re still working out the details, but we hope to be open to the public by the end of the year.”

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The center’s pay-what-you-can model for art supplies is set to be a game-changer for artists, educators and students who want to try something new, but can’t afford to invest in all the materials.

“We believe that everyone should have access to quality art supplies, regardless of their financial situation,” Bryant said.

Bryant added that Sister Trillium’s operation model is “distinctively a nonprofit,” and that the notion of repurposing art supplies and materials and nurturing a culture of creativity while championing environmental stewardship is central to Sister Trillium’s ethos.

“We want to create better routes for materials to find new homes,” Bryant said. “It’s about forging connections with educators, artists and students, ensuring that every donation serves a purpose.”

Anchored in the community’s needs and aspirations, Sister Trillium has worked diligently to lay the groundwork for its imminent launch. Holly Weir, Sister Trillium’s donations coordinator, orchestrates the process of receiving and organizing donations, underscoring the collaborative spirit at the heart of the initiative.

Sister Trillium initially launched in spring of last year; as the News reported at the time, the group was inspired by Indigo Hippo, a creative reuse center in Cincinnati. Noting the number of artists in and around the village, Sister Trillium’s founders — Bryant, Marie Hertzler and Allison Paul — reasoned that Yellow Springs seemed a prime location for a similar venture. With support from the YS Arts Council and the YS Community Foundation, the latter of which provided fiscal sponsorship for the group to receive donations, Sister Trillium got dutifully to work — and local artists responded in kind, both donating unused materials to the cause and perusing the nonprofit’s available wares.

Since then, the group has been a regular presence at the YS Farmers Market. In addition, they’ve also hosted a number of events, such as sewing and mending circles at the Senior Center and a holiday card-making party at the YS Arts Council’s Robert F. Baldwin Jr. Gallery.

Looking back on the past year of Sister Trillium’s operation, Bryant expressed deep appreciation for the community’s overwhelming support and generosity.

“It’s been truly inspiring to see the community’s passion,” Bryant said. “From significant donations to invaluable volunteer work, each act brings us closer to our shared vision.”

For more information on Sister Trillium — including how to donate unused materials — go to


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