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Articles About wildlife

  • Balance of beaver, human needs

    A detention basin along King Street has become an accidental wetland at the paws of furry, semi-aquatic rodents that recently moved into the village.

  • Raptor Center hosts open house

    The Glen Helen Raptor Center hosted an open house event last Sunday afternoon.

  • Cardinal Flowers

    Today’s wildlife is a cardinal flower.

  • ‘World Wide Webs’

    Today’s weekly wildlife is a spiderweb.

  • Caterpillars

    Today’s wildlife is a caterpillar.

  • Damselflys

    Today’s wildlife image: a damselfly!

  • Dewine’s Ducks

    Today’s wildlife borrows some ducks from Dewine’s duck pond.

  • Horsetails

    Today’s wildlife photo is of Horsetails!

  • Water Striders

    Today’s wildlife photo is a water strider!

  • Fungus Among-us

    Today’s wildlife: mushrooms!

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