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Articles About Village Manager Search Committee

  • Allyson Murray 

    2019 Village Manager candidate Allyson Murray (Submitted photo)

    Raised in Findlay Ohio, Allyson Murray graduated from Bowling Green State University and served 17 years as the training coordinator at Honeywell Corp in Fostoria, Ohio.

  • Pete Bales

    2019 Village Manager candidate Pete Bales (Submitted photo)

    After 23 years of experience, Pete Bales has only grown more passionate about serving the community. He is a lifelong resident of Greene County and the current assistant city manager in Fairborn.

  • Josue Salmeron

    2019 Village manager candidate Josue Salmeron (Submitted photo)

    It is with great enthusiasm that I applied to the role of Village manager and I’m honor to be considered for the role.

  • Elke Doom

    2019 Village manager candidate Elke Doom

    Elke Doom is a career public sector manager with more than 25 years of broad municipal experience in Michigan, West Virginia and North Carolina.

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