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A group plays cards outside the The Underdog Cafe (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

A unique slice of YS night life

Yellow Springs is not known for its night life, but you can usually stumble upon a variety of interesting situations on any given night. Whether you think it’s quaint or just weird, Yellow Springs at night certainly is unique.

Take that spot just outside the Underdog Cafe, for example. Bench-sitters, cigarette-puffers and the occasional hacky sack game are not uncommon sights at that special crossroads in town. Everyone enjoys walking by and seeing who is hanging out there and what they are up to.

Every Thursday outside the Cafe, a group of people host a cookout and a game of cards. Steve McQueen (Yes, that is his real name and he has the driver’s license to prove it) brought a game called Carde (pronounced CAR-day in Swahili) from Kenya. It has caught on, and has now become a popular activity on Thursday nights.

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