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Articles by Aaron Zaremsky

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  • A Generation Apart — The YSKP Alumni

    Margaret Hild, a long serving member of the YSKP soaks in the memories of bygone shows. (All photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

    The Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse hosted a small gathering last Saturday for alumni to reminisce about the plays they acted in as kids that shaped their lives as adults.

  • The Hunger Games – YS Farmers Market

    Dan Carter, representing Wyatt's Way, holds up biscuits and fruit at the market. (All photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

    You can find an assortment of fresh, local food at the Yellow Springs Farmers Market, in the parking lots next to the Corner Cone and Kings Yard on Winter Street.

  • Head in the Clouds

    Bulbous shapes float through the sky.

    Look up and see the glorious, meteorological dance around you.

  • Bulls on Parade – Cattle behavior on an organic farm

    A cow stares me down during my study of their behavior on an organic farm (all photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

    I studied the behavior of a herd of cows, calves, and bulls on an organic farm and here are the images and results of my studies.

  • Cascading Leaves – A sea of green

    A tree climbs to heaven. (photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

    The swimming green leaves of late spring provide an oeuvre of color.

  • Guerilla Poultry – A study in backyard farming

    Trish Russell poses with one of her "ladies", a hen she has raised for eggs in a backyard coop in Yellow Springs.

    There is a burgeoning flock of backyard farmers in Yellow Springs who have set out to raise chickens for eggs. Obstacles to the project include ravaging predators and a few neighbors who don’t share the enthusiasm. All in all though, the hens are well contained and healthy and the “guerilla” farmers are enthusiastic about their birds.

  • Urban Foliage – An Earth Essay

    Alban Holyoke and friend enjoy a stroll under nature's shade.

    These images, taken of natural items presented in, growing through, or surrounded by an urban landscape, give a visual, Earthy collage for the viewer.

  • Patterns Within – A Geometric Study

    The various geometric patterns found on a stopsign (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    The world, both natural and man-made, adheres to certain geometric patterns that reveal themselves to the trained eye (all photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

  • Catastrophe at the Library

    Quincy crashed the party recently at the Yellow Springs Library when the library’s monthly Reading to the Dogs event took place. Shown above, Jaden Thomas showed Quincy some love even though Quincy appears to be the wrong species. (Photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    Quincy the cat crashed the party recently at the Yellow Springs Library.

  • Gifts of the Glen – A Spring Essay

    Stark white Hepatica peer out from the green stone crevasses.

    Images and words from recent traipses in the Glen.

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