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  • 2011 births and deaths

    2011 Year in review: births and deaths

  • Roosevelt ready to lead, and sink roots into community


    To some of Mark Roosevelt’s colleagues, leaving a job as superintendent of the 30,000-pupil Pittsburgh school district to lead a reopened small-town college hoping for 25 students next fall did not seem wise. But Roosevelt said he could not pass up the chance to become the first president of a revived Antioch College.

  • Village Council— Year ends with transitions

    2011 Year in review: Village Council

  • Yellow Springs, 2009: The Year In Review

    Seventy-two members of the Yellow Springs High School Class of 2009 graduated on Thursday, June 4, at the high school gym, carrying with them high spirits and attitude as they exited the stage.

    Yellow Springs Schools and Sports in 2009

  • Yellow Springs, 2008: The year in review

    At Antioch College’s 156th commencement, graduate Vanessa Little is shown with her dad, Robert. 121 students graduated from the college in April, which closed June 30. Task force conversations continue toward the goal of reopening the college.

    The fate of Antioch College, unknown at the beginning of 2008, remained unknown at year’s end. However, in the intervening 12 months a heart-wrenching story unfolded as a second alumni effort to save the college failed and the college closed its doors.

  • Yellow Springs, 2007: The Year in Review

    The Antioch and Yellow Springs communities made their case to the university trustees to keep Antioch College open. Antioch student Beth Goodney (top) led a Horace Mann Founder’s Day parade in October, while Tony Dallas (bottom left) spoke to University Chancellor Toni Murdock and the board of trusteees at a special meeting in Cincinnati in August.

    Among the lead stories locally in 2007: Antioch University announced that Antioch College would close in 2008. Villagers debated annexation and buying into a coal-burning electric power plant for 50 years. A proposal for a Yellow Springs arts center became a vision of Yellow Springs as an arts center.