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McKinney track team sets records

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The McKinney School track team saw four records fall this past weekend at the Troy Christian Invitational on Saturday, May 3. Leading the way for the boys team was eighth grader Logan Norris, who won all three events he entered and set new school records. Logan won the 100 meters in 11.1 seconds, the 200 meters in 23.7 seconds, and the 400 meters in 55.9 seconds.

On the girls side, the mile record was set at 5:47 by seventh grader Paloma Wiggins. The previous record, held by Tina Peters at 5:56, was bested by nine seconds despite windy conditions. Laurel Amstutz continued a strong season by placing 2nd in the 400 meters and third in the 100 meter hurdles in her first attempt (18.2 seconds). Amstutz previously set the 400 meter record at 64 seconds several weeks ago.

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McKinney track team sets records

by YS News Staff