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Yellow Springs Youth Baseball

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by Tim Sherwood

Twins still undefeated in Majors

The Major League youth baseball standings are unchanged after six weeks of play, as the Twins remain undefeated at 10–0. The Twins won the first of three games on July 1, defeating the Royals 12–4. Starting pitcher Jared Scarfpin held the Royals to only two hits early on, while scoring a pair of runs and knocking in one other. Both Grant Reigelsperger and Eric Lawhorn also each scored a pair of runs and a single RBI. Joe Thorpe, Gage Miller, Nathan Hardman and Adam Green each scored once for the Royals.

The Twins went on to a 14–4 victory over the Cardinals on Monday, July 6. Liam Weigand led the way with three runs scored, while Reigelsperger, Aakeem Truss, April Riddell and Kaner Butler all added a pair of runs. The Cardinals started off strong when Brianna Ayers knocked in Ethan DeWine and Keanan Onfroy-Curley and then later scored herself on a called balk. But the Twins’ strong pitching and tough defense held the Cardinals to one more run when DeWine singled, stole second and was sent home on a hard-hit triple off of an Ayers hit.

The third Twins victory came on Tuesday, July 7, in a 12–0 shutout of the Royals. After three straight batters struck out in the first, the Twins exploded with runs from eight of their nine players as the Royals struggled from the mound, at the plate and on defense. The Twins’ run was highlighted by a three-run homer from Truss.

The same Royals players, but clearly a much different team, showed up the following evening on Wednesday, July 8, and seemed to take out their frustrations in a 16–2 win over the Cardinals. The Royals bats pounded out 11 hits for three runs each by Nathan Miller, Joe Thorpe and Devon Perry. Aaron Sherwood scored twice, as did Colton Hicks, while Adrianne Beer scored once and added 4 RBIs. Jake Savage added a run, as did Nathan Hardman while knocking in six others to earn a game ball.

The Royals defense returned as well, with Beer throwing out the runner on an attempted steal at second and putting out two runners at the plate before the Cardinals could score on long throws from the outfield. Rookie Nate Gillman Baggett also made a pair of consecutive outs at third. Taran Pergram got the Cardinals on the scoreboard with a run in the second and Liam Creighton scored after his triple.

On Sunday, July 12, the Royals again beat the Cardinals 23–10. The Royals, already up 15–10, soared in the fourth inning with eight runs from as many batters. Nathan Miller hit a pair of doubles, scored four times and knocked in six RBIs, including four on a second-inning grand slam home run. Joe Thorpe hit a single, a double and two triples that also resulted in four runs scored. Nathan Hardman crossed the plate three times, as did Adrianne Beer and Jake Savage. Ahmad Wagner pitched well and scored a pair of runs, while Sam Crawford hit a pair of strong singles that resulted in two runs scored and three RBIs. The Reds’ Ian Chick led his team in scoring with a pair of singles, three runs scored and two RBIs. Ethan DeWine doubled and scored twice, and Fielding Lewis also scored twice.

July 18 and 19 will be the final weekend of play, when the Twins and Royals meet on Saturday at 5 p.m., and the Cardinals and Twins play on Sunday at 5 p.m. The Royals and Cardinals square off for the season’s final game Wednesday, July 22, at 7 p.m. There will be no post-season tournament. See for the latest information.

Reds, Indians fight for Minors

Into the final week of Minor League youth baseball play, the Reds finished at 9–1, holding a slim lead over the Indians, who are 7–2. The Pirates are now 2–6.

The Reds narrowly defeated the Indians 1–0 on June 29. Travis Scarfpin scored the only run needed by hitting a lead-off single and then scoring on a Sulayman Chappelle base hit. Both teams made some tough defensive plays, such as Colton Hicks’ double play off a catch in centerfield. Dylan Rainey proved why two hands are better than one when he caught a pop-up at shortstop, dropped it, then caught the ball again in his free hand.

The Indians notched their win on July 1 against the Pirates 11–1. Fisher Lewis, Hayden Orme and Eric Romohr each scored twice, while Tony Marinelli, Keldon Harker, Emily Pollock, Raven Campbell-Knowles and Evelyn Orme all scored once. Kenny McKinley smacked a home run for the Pirates.

The Reds added a second win on Monday, July 6, with a 17–5 defeat of the Pirates. Colton Hicks led all scorers with a single, two doubles, two RBIs and three runs scored. Sulayman Chappelle scored twice and knocked in four others, while Travis Scarfpin, Cameron Haught and James Fulton both scored a pair of runs, with Fulton adding two RBIs. Nate Gillman-Baggett led the Pirates with two runs scored, including a home run.

The Indians kept pace with a 5–2 win over the Dragons on Wednesday, July 8, and then added a second win later in the week by a Dragons’ forfeit.

A pair of games rained out last week will be made up on Saturday, July 18. The Indians and Pirates will face off at 10 a.m., followed by the Reds vs. Dragons at 11:45. The post-season tournament has been moved to Sunday, July 19. The pairings will be determined by the regular season’s final standings after this week’s games. Two games will simultaneously kick off at 2 p.m. on both the minor and major league fields. The winners of the first two games will compete for the championship at 7 p.m. that evening on the Minor league field. See for the latest information.


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