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School librarian Marianne Christopher and McKinney social studies teacher Shawn Jackson boogied at the fringe on Friday. (photos by Lauren Heaton)

Students, teachers jam to their own success

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Yellow Springs High School and McKinney Middle School students, teachers, staff and administrators thronged to the gym floor at the end of the school day Friday to celebrate the district’s achievement as a school of excellence with distinction. The local district, including Mills Lawn School, earned its rating from the State of Ohio by performing well on the Ohio Achievement and Ohio Graduation Tests last spring. 


McKinney science teacher Terry Graham stood with all the teachers to be recognized, including Aurelia Blake and Dennis Farmer, who had a high-five moment.


During Friday’s all-school assembly, Principal Tim Krier asked all the teachers to stand and be recognized for their hard work over the past two years of continuous improvement for the district. The school also used the opportunity to introduce its nine foreign exchange students. Then Seniors Devin Massie and David Teyber and junior Daniel Teyber amped up the party when their band Forget the Glory played MGMT’s “Kids” to a gym crowded full of them. At first a hand full of students skidded out to the middle of the floor to dance, and slowly others joined them until everyone in the room was jumping around together. Some even did a little crowd surfing, while others huddled up, chanting, “Teachers! Teachers! Teachers!”


Forget the Glory rocked on stage before the entire YSHS/McKinney student body.


It was the perfect end to one of the first weeks of a new school year, history teacher John Day said.


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