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Lucas Mulhall holds his Friends Care Valentine (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Will you be my valentine?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, despite some cynical opinions out there, is not simply a modern Hallmark holiday. It goes all the way back to 500 A.D., when Pope Gelasius I commemorated the day in honor of a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. The holiday was not associated with romantic love, however, until the time of Geoffrey Chaucer, a noble courtier and author of The Canterbury Tales who lived in the 14th century. Quite a history indeed!

The Yellow Springs Library hosted a valentine-making event last Friday afternoon. Local children were encouraged to make valentines for residents at the Friends Care Center. Lucas Mulhall, Fatou Reed and Reese Elam had all walked to the library from school to make their crafts. “Look I made a butterfly!” said an enthused Reed, as she held up a paper butterfly with sideways hearts for wings. Children could also choose to make valentines for friends and family.

The library will hang up and distribute the valentines to the Friends Care residents on Valentine’s Day.

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