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Many 2010 Village projects

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At the March 7 Village Council meeting, Village Manager Mark Cundiff presented a report on some of the Village’s 2010 significant accomplishments.

“To reach these accomplishments, we had to work effectively together,” Cundiff said, describing the Village staff and Council as “Team Yellow Springs.”

The accomplishments highlighted by Cundiff in his report included:

• rebuilding and installing the circulating pump at the Gaunt Park swimming pool.

• an emergency repair of the Corry Street 15-inch sewer main.

• new landscaping at Bryan Center and the train station.

• replacing the Bryan Center roof with a more energy-efficient roofing system.

• adding a large, donated half-pipe to the skate park.

• installing a catch basin in the Ellis Park parking area to drain rainwater.

• repairing the high service pump at the Village water plant.

• constructing a generator building and installing a donated generator to the water plant.

• repairing a clear well and removing up to 10 inches of residue at the water plant.

• treating 163.8 million galons of water to make it fit for consumption.

• completing needed improvements at the wastewater treatment plant.

• treating 151.38 million gallons of wastewater, making it safe for discharge back into the environment.

• repairing a broken 10-inch water main at the water towers.

• receiving a clean audit report.

• continuing work on the Center for Business and Education.

• establishing the Economic Sustainability Commission and beginning work on an Economic Sustainability Plan.

“We accomplished a great deal in 2010, but we do not have the time to rest on our laurels since 2011 also promises to be a busy year, with the CBE improvements construction drawings being completed and construction hopefully beginning, ongoing financial management, including analysis of the sewer fund and budget administration, the updating of the personnel manual and, hopefully, a successful levy campaign,” Cundiff wrote.

More detailed reports on the accomplishments of each Village department can be accessed online at, click on March 7 Council packet.


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