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Psychics see YS as healing center

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For Joshua Hayward and Esther Lail, moving to Yellow Springs was in the cards. The Colorado couple — an astrologer and a clairvoyant — used tarot cards to confirm that the village was the right place to practice divination and healing. Beginning in August, they will share their techniques with the community in a series of six-week courses on astrology, tarot and psychic tools.

“We wanted to go to a place that had high energy consciousness and openness,” said Hayward, who envisions Yellow Springs as a mecca for alternative spiritual healers.

To kick off the series, Hayward will give a free lecture next week on his global predictions for 2012 and beyond using planetary alignments. The talk takes place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 19, at EdenWorld, 253 Xenia Avenue.

The awakening of the divine feminine, the collapse of the structures of religion and government, and a re-birth of spiritual healing are some major world changes in store as the planets Pluto and Uranus square off, Neptune enters Pisces and the sun at equinox precesses into Aquarius over the next few years, Hayward said. He will also discuss how the planetary shifts will affect Yellow Springs and offer opportunities for individual spiritual healing.

The three in-depth courses run from the first week of August to the second week of September. Hayward will teach astrology on Tuesdays and tarot on Thursdays, while Lail’s psychic tools course will be on Wednesdays. All run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at EdenWorld and cost $150.

Finding a place to practice in Yellow Springs was destiny, Hayward said. A few weeks after moving to the village, Hayward and Lail went into EdenWorld for a massage and came out with positions as EdenWorld practitioners. Both now offer individual sessions by appointment and will also sometimes take walk-in clients at EdenWorld.

Hayward began his divination career by giving tarot readings at a pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colo., and now on weekends he is doing readings again with a table set out on the sidewalk in front of EdenWorld. With a deck of Thoth Tarot cards, a 20th century ephemeris to look up astrological birth charts and several stones and crystals, Hayward gives 20 minute readings to spiritually-minded passers-by.

“By looking at your chart and tarot cards, I can tell you what you came here to do and how you chose to do it,” said Hayward, who has more than 25 years of experience giving readings.

Lail, who studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and with author and mystic Lynn Andrews, uses a process where she can immediately connect with a person’s emotions, past lives, psychic issues, ghosts and auras, or energy fields. In her course she will teach participants grounding, meditation and psychic techniques to help them heal by becoming in tune with, and clearing, their auras. Lail, who mostly consults with her clients on issues of money, relationships or career, said she believes her skills can be taught.

“Everyone is psychic – we all have the ability,” she said.

Hayward’s astrology course will cover the basic houses, planets and signs of the birth chart, which he said is like a roadmap for life. Participants will delve deeply into their own birth and transit charts to understand the planets through experience. During the tarot course, Hayward will teach the cards of the Thoth Tarot deck created by occultist Aleister Crowley. Hayward will also share his unique modified Celtic Cross spread. The goal of both courses is similar.

“It’s to be able to help people get in touch with their own intuition and guidance so they can act co-creatively,” Hayward said. He’ll also end each course with meditation, he said, “to incorporate what we learn into the subconscious and implant knowledge on a cellular level.”

Hayward and Lail plan to offer additional six-week course sessions with increasingly advanced material and Hayward hopes to begin a free weekly spiritual meditation. Both are committed to raising the consciousness of the community.

“We thought we could make a difference here, to really empower people in their lives,” Hayward said.

For more information, contact Hayward at or 937-767-1536.


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