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The 2012 Senior Supplement is available in the May 31 print edition of the News.

The 2012 Senior Supplement is available in the May 31 print edition of the News.

2012 Senior Supplement is out

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What are they saying this year? Do you know who said what? Here are some excerpts from this year’s seniors’ last say, which can be found in context in the Senior Supplement, available in the May 31 edition of the Yellow Springs News:

“…the teachers that know how to get down to business don’t get nearly enough love.”

“…I would like to thank my wonderful, beautiful and hilarious family…”

“Not only is there an incredible sense of support and caring in such a close-knit community, but also a great encouragement of individuality.”

“I came to Yellow Springs schools my seventh grade year…and that just changed my whole perspective on the world…I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!”

“I grew up surrounded by a culture of love, liberalism and art…”

“I doubt I’ll be living in one of my fantasies but I will definitely be happy. Perhaps with a dog or two.”

“The need for greater mutual respect is vital, and one that I hope people will continue to strive for.”

“People are going to say that this isn’t the real world … Let them believe that. They’ve accepted their roles as pale automatons, as cogs in the dreary machine of the ‘real world.'”

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