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Pierre Nagley stands in front of his mural in Keith's Alley

Art Murals

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For such a small village, Yellow Springs has a large number of full-sized art murals in town. These murals display a wide range of artistic expression; from an impressively detailed rainforest scene to more abstract experiments. Most of the murals in town find their home in Keith’s Alley,  which can be found behind the row of businesses on the south side of Xenia Ave.

Murals have been a major form of artistic expression for thousands of years, and the art-form has been evolving for just as long. The most modern movement of mural painting began in America’s major cities during the 60s. This was partially due to artists perceiving art galleries to be elitist in their selection of artwork. These artists decided to take their art to the streets. By painting on public walls, artists could connect with a wide audience in a more immediate and direct way.

If you’re looking for murals in town, sadly the ones from this early era have all been painted over. Luckily we have a generous amount of new murals to take their place. If there’s a few hours to spare on a weekend, I recommend taking the full mural tour. I’ve only covered a small amount of the murals you can find, and it’s a real pleasure to discover them on your own.

Special thanks to Pierre Nagley who agreed to pose for this entry.


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