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An Emergency Ordinance For The Issuance And Sale Of Refunding Bonds

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Interested persons will take note that the Village Council of Yellow Springs on Monday, March 18, 2013, gave rst reading to an ordinance and passed as an emergency, text to follow.
Emergency Reading and Public Hearing of Ordinance 2013-06 For the Issuance and Sale of Refunding Bonds of the Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio, in the Aggregate Principal Amount of $275,000, to Refund a Portion of the Bonds the Village Issued in 2001 for the Purpose of Refunding Outstanding Municipal Building Improvement Bonds Issued to Pay the Costs of Certain Permanent Improvements in the Village, Authorizing the Transfer of Funds to the Bond Retirement Fund, and Declaring an Emergency
This ordinance can be read in its entirety in the Clerk’s ofce or on line at, at the Public Library, or in the Bryan Center lobby.
Judith Hemping, President


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