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Allison Paul and Alex Melamed live in what's perhaps the village's tiniest house on Walnut Street.

Allison Paul and Alex Melamed live in what's perhaps the village's tiniest house on Walnut Street. (Photo by Suzanne Szempruch)

Living tiny in the village

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What is likely the village’s tiniest house provides a comfortable home for a young couple, Alex Melamed and Allison Paul, who are new to town. The couple designed and built a 320-square-foot house on Walnut Street, two blocks from downtown, and moved in in October.

What’s it like to live tiny?

“It’s not bad. I quite like it,” Melamed, an architect, said in a recent interview.

The house is comprised of a single large, spacious room with a kitchen on one side, lots of light and a loft bedroom. Living so closely together requires organizational skills, according to Paul, an artist, as well as good communication. Not only do the two live in a small space but they both have home offices, so communicating their schedules to each other is critical, Paul said.

While under the Village’s current zoning code and the proposed revision the tiny house would not be legal as a stand-alone structure, the couple were allowed to build it as an accessory structure to the larger home they plan to build at the front of the lot.

Living tiny requires the right sort of town, according to Paul.

“I think when you live in a tiny home, you think of the community as your living room, and Yellow Springs is a good place to do that,” she said. “Living in a walkable community with lots of art and nature readily accessible, means that you can feel at home outside your house and live with a smaller footprint.”

Read an extended story on the tiny house in the March 7 News.


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Living tiny in the village

by Diane Chiddister