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Scarlet tanager

Scarlet tanager

Glen’s spring bird count flushes out diverse range of singers

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Glen Helen’s annual Make it Count for the Birds event on Saturday, May 11, crushed its previous one day record by finding exactly 100 species either living or traveling through the preserve. According to Glen Helen Ecology Institute Director Nick Boutis, the list of sightings is as follows:

Canada Goose X Wood Duck X Mallard X Great Blue Heron X Green Heron X Black Vulture X Turkey Vulture X Cooper’s Hawk X Red-shouldered Hawk X Broad-winged Hawk X Red-tailed Hawk X Killdeer X Mourning Dove X Yellow-billed Cuckoo X Great Horned Owl X Barred Owl X Chimney Swift X Ruby-throated Hummingbird X Belted Kingfisher X Red-bellied Woodpecker X Downy Woodpecker X Hairy Woodpecker X Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) X Pileated Woodpecker X Eastern Wood-Pewee X Acadian Flycatcher X Least Flycatcher X Eastern Phoebe X Great Crested Flycatcher X Eastern Kingbird X White-eyed Vireo X Yellow-throated Vireo X Blue-headed Vireo X Warbling Vireo X Red-eyed Vireo X Blue Jay X American Crow X Northern Rough-winged Swallow X Tree Swallow X Barn Swallow X Carolina Chickadee X Tufted Titmouse X Red-breasted Nuthatch X White-breasted Nuthatch X House Wren X Carolina Wren X Blue-gray Gnatcatcher X Ruby-crowned Kinglet X Eastern Bluebird X Swainson’s Thrush X

Wood Thrush X American Robin X Gray Catbird X European Starling X Cedar Waxwing X Ovenbird X Louisiana Waterthrush X Northern Waterthrush X Black-and-white Warbler X Prothonotary Warbler X Tennessee Warbler X

Nashville Warbler X Common Yellowthroat X Hooded Warbler X American Redstart X Cerulean Warbler X Northern Parula X Magnolia Warbler X Bay-breasted Warbler X Blackburnian Warbler X Yellow Warbler X Chestnut-sided Warbler X Blackpoll Warbler X Black-throated Blue Warbler X Palm Warbler X Pine Warbler X Yellow-rumped Warbler X Yellow-throated Warbler X Black-throated Green Warbler X Yellow-breasted Chat X Eastern Towhee X Chipping Sparrow X Field Sparrow X Song Sparrow X White-throated Sparrow X Summer Tanager X Scarlet Tanager X

Northern Cardinal X Rose-breasted Grosbeak X Indigo Bunting X Red-winged Blackbird X Common Grackle X Brown-headed Cowbird X Orchard Oriole X Baltimore Oriole X Purple Finch X House Finch X Pine Siskin X American Goldfinch X House Sparrow

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