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Lower your electric load this week

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A notice from the Village Manager, Laura Curliss:
American Municipal Power has advised that this week they expect the PJM transmission system to be measuring coincident peaks** for purposes of setting our future costs for transmission of electricity.
To help lower the Village’s electric bills in future, it will help if every one in the village lowers their load (turns off power as they are able) this week during these times:

Tuesday, July 16 – 3-5 p.m.
Wednesday, July 17 – 1-6 p.m.
Thursday, July 18 – 1-6 p.m.
Friday, July 19, 1-6 p.m.

Suggestions include:  running a home electric generator during this time (a good test!), turning off all lights and appliances that are not needed, unplug computers, chargers.
**Coincident peak demand is the energy demand by that group during periods of peak system demand. Loosely speaking, it refers to demand among a group of customers that coincides with total demand on the system at that time. Residential demand at a time of peak industrial demand can be referred to as coincident peak demand, as can a particular plant’s demand at a time of peak demand across the whole system.


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