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Aïda Merhemic, Evan Scott and Steve Conn (submitted photos)

Aïda Merhemic, Evan Scott and Steve Conn (submitted photos)

Merhemic, Scott, Conn on school board

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Incumbent school board member Aïda Merhemic took the day at the polls winning the top number of votes to return her to the board along with two new members, Evan Scott and Steven Conn. Merhemic won 1,027 votes, or 23.7 percent of the total, while Scott had 954 votes and Conn had 940, about 22 percent each.

After 16 years on the school board, incumbent Angela Wright received the fourth hightest number of votes, 605 — not enough to return to her to the board. Candidates Ara Beal had 423 votes and Allen Hunt had 371 votes.

Merhemic, a counselor, mediator and 29-year resident of the village, stressed the importance of supporting the district’s administrative team. Scott grew up in the village and campaigned on using more time as a board member to deliberate on the district’s strategic plan. Conn also supported a balanced relationship with the administrative team.

Just under half of Yellow Springs and Miami Township voters, 1,757 of the total 3,610 registered, came out to vote on the school board, a hair less than the number voting for Village Council. Village precinct 440 is the northern end of the village, 441 is the western side, 442 is the central area and downtown, while 443 is the south end of the town. Township precinct 455 is the eastern half of the township, and 456 is to the west.

Results by YS and Miami Twp. precinct:
440 (north): Merhemic, 241; Scott, 239; Conn, 239; Wright, 144; Beal, 125; Hunt, 117

441 (west): Merhemic, 173; Conn, 176; Scott, 172; Wright, 129; Hunt, 54; Beal, 77

442 (center): Merhemic, 224; Scott, 205; Conn, 196; Wright, 104; Beal, 94; Hunt, 69

443 (south): Merhemic, 255; Conn, 220; Scott, 217; Wright, 128; Hunt, 90; Beal, 67

455 (Twp east): Merhemic, 13; Wright, 11; Scott, 10; Conn, 8; Hunt, 4; Beal, 4

456 (Twp west): Merhemic, 119; Scott, 111; Conn, 100; Wright, 89; Beal, 56; Hunt, 36

Xenia precinct 351: Merhemic, 2; Conn, 1; Hunt, 1; Scott, 0; Wright, 0; Beal, 0


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