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From left, Dustin Wulfeck and Don Coulter, members of the Antioch College
Operations & Facilities staff, loaded up a U-haul on Friday with Antioch student and staff water donations for those affected by a chemical spill near Charleston, W.Va. (Submitted photo)

Antioch students donate water to West Virginians

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In the wake of a chemical spill in W.Va., Antioch College students organized a water drive on campus last week.

Maya Nye, a class of ’99 Antioch alumna who works for the college, organized the drive for her home state, where nearly 300,000 residents were left without water when 7,500 gallons of the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol seeped into the region’s main water source. A chemical containment unit holding the material, used to process coal, broke along the shores of the Elk River, leading to a ban on water for drinking, bathing and washing.

Though most residents in the affected areas have now been told the water is safe to drink, some are still concerned. The water collected on the Antioch campus will be delivered to Nellis Elementary School in Nellis, W.Va. to be distributed to the community.


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