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Ken Carter, a 1952 graduate of Antioch College, currently volunteers in the office of cooperative education.

A lifetime of co-op for Ken Carter

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Ken Carter was taken with the idea of cooperative education when he first encountered the co-op program in an Antioch College course catalog in his high school library in 1948. In 1956, just four years after his graduation from Antioch, he was drawn back to the co-op office by a job offer from J.D. Dawson, who had been hired by Arthur Morgan to help organize the cooperative education program. He worked off and on at Antioch until 1964.

After a career teaching psychology and helping to coordinate a unique graduate program at Goddard College and Norwich University, Barker, excited by the college’s recent reopening, returned once again in the fall of last year to Antioch to volunteer for the office of cooperative education.

An article on Ken Carter will appear in an upcoming edition of the Yellow Springs News.


2 Responses to “A lifetime of co-op for Ken Carter”

  1. Dr. Avrum Weiss says:

    Ken was my mentor at Goddard College back in the early 70’s. I would love to be in touch, can you forward my email to him?

  2. John Dawson says:

    It’s great to hear from Ken Carter and learn that he is back at the College! Ken was my co-op advisor for a while at Antoch in the ’50’s. I am sure that there is much to be done to restart the co-op program at the College, and I wish him luck.

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