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McKee Award nominations open

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The James A. McKee Association is currently accepting nominations for its 2016 Founders Award for Distinguished Community Service, given annually to an organization, group or individual to recognize either extraordinary or unusual service to the community.

The McKee Association is a local charitable educational organization that includes men and women of all races, religions and ages. The group’s primary focus is to advance the welfare of the village and its citizens. The Founders Award is named in honor of former YS Police Chief and group founder James A. McKee.

The Award’s guidelines and procedures are as follows:

• Nominations must be submitted by March 16.
• Nominees may include any organization, group or individual in the greater Yellow Springs community, including deceased individuals.
• Typewritten nominations of no more than three pages must be submitted stating the name of the nominator, the name or names of those nominated and a narrative stating the nature of the volunteer community service and the reasons why that voluntary community service should be recognized by this Award.
• All the services of the nominee(s) must be voluntary and uncompensated and, in the case of a nominated group, all or most of its members must contribute their services.
• The volunteer service must satisfy a community need, which must be a significant contribution to community through a single act or event, or through consistent effort over a sustained period of time.
• Nominations may be carried forward to succeeding years.
• The members of the McKee Association will select the winner(s) of the award.

Nominations should be mailed to the James A. McKee Association at P.O. Box 263, Yellow Springs, OH 45387.


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