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Alban Holyoke and friend enjoy a stroll under nature's shade.

Alban Holyoke and Sarah Sohail enjoy a stroll under nature's shade. (This and all photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

Urban Foliage – An Earth Essay

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This Earth Day, instead of making your way to a nature preserve or park, explore the urban jungle around you and the greenery you can find there. Perhaps a little more stressful than a stroll in a park, but still exciting and rewarding.

There is a multitude of plants that greet the eye and give life to the village. They push through concrete cracks and brick, desperate to find light. The urban layer we put on the Earth is almost like a worn Band-Aid, and it struggles mightily to shrug it off.

Urban foliage is interesting to photograph. It is a challenge to try to capture the natural with the man made and make it blend. I hope this photo essay gives a sense of blending, while also maintaining the separate parts themselves.


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