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Mixin' in the Village Gravy by Amy Magnuswalk buddies

BLOG-No Place Like

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“Ugh. Social overdose.”

“Get her to an empty room, stat!”

Thus went the text message exchange between my husband and me.

I had spent the day surrounded by concrete, corrugated steel, and flat screen televisions. Not the flora of my natural habitat but the fauna made it worth exploring. Dayton Startup Week went well in its inaugural run. I particularly liked the talk on company culture given by Sparkbox president Ben Callahan and my sit downs with SCORE advisor Art Helmstetter and RoShawn Winburn, Program Director at the CIty of Dayton’s Minority Business Assistance Center. The talk on Seed to C Financing by Andrew Cothrel should have scared me off but actually I found it encouraging. I know this stuff.

I came home with a ton of homework. Before diving into all that, I needed an empty room to recharge. The kids and Jeremy went off on a hike. I sat on the couch listening…listening to the steady flow of advise still ringing in my ears but also listening to natural instincts. If I am going to start up a business, I’m all for taking advise but conformity isn’t going to work.

on John Bryan carriage trailmuddy river

I remember when I joined the family for a walk through John Bryon Park a couple weeks age, I found the trail boggy and the river muddy. The week’s rains were welcoming. However, the run off that the storms carried into the Little Miami made the river the color of chocolate milk. Rain is vital. It feeds the land, but it’s something to recover from.

Time to put my boots on and go for a (un)winding walk.


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