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Hungry for jazz

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Lunchtime Jazz at the Emporium is a weekly session hosted every Wednesday by Erik Greiffenhagen, on sax, Greg Dearth, on guitar and occasional vocals, and Mark DeLozier, on piano, here swinging last Wednesday. Greiffenhagen and Dearth started the tradition about three years ago when they decided rather than practicing in a basement or studio space, they’d rehearse at the Emporium and provide “the great American art of jazz” for the lunchtime patrons. DeLozier, the Emporium’s resident piano man, has been playing there since 2006, and is a perfect complement to their sound. Other musicians often sit in, with the second hour being an open jam session any musician is welcome to join. It runs from noon to 2 p.m. every Wednesday. (Photo by Gary McBride)


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